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Karsh in the movie, is the protector of Alexandra Nicole "Alex" Fielding aka Artemis Dubaer.


Karsh is a tall warlock, with medium brown hair and blue eyes.


In the films, he seems to reflect the exact opposite of Ileana, as he is more serious, uptight, and professional than she is. He's a constant worrywart and a pessimist. Their parallelism is similar to that of Camryn and Alex.




Karsh along with Ileana take the twins to Earth to protect them from Thantos. Through out the twins lives it is assumed that Karsh along with Ileana watched over them to make sure nothing ever happened to them. However once the girls find each other and their powers, they play more of a teacher's role for them. They are trapped when The Darkness attacks them.

Twitches Too[]

Karsh and Ileana first show up through Camryn's pool in the first few minutes of the movie, carrying news of their engagement as well as the announcement their mother wants to see them. Again Karsh and Ileana become teachers to the twins, and help them learn about their powers. In the end of the movie, Karsh and Ileana are married, their wedding is attended by Karsh's mother (Who is a donkey), Queen Miranda, King Aaron, Camryn, Alex, Camryn's parents (The Barnes), Beth, and Marcus.


  • It can be assumed that through out the first movie Karsh and Ileana were dating, as they are married at the end of 'Twitches Too'