Wright 'Ike' Fielding was Sara Fielding's husband and the adopted father of Alex Fielding. He vanished out of Sara and Alex' lives since Alex was eight. According to Karsh, Ike suffered from bad health, which was one of the reasons he couldn't hold on to a job. He was always scheming to get rich quickly, but when his health was good, he did work hard to provide for Sara and Alex. Sara loved him and was willing to live with his faults, but something changed. When Alex was eight, Ike witnessed her display magic, when she levitated a doll, she wanted from a shelf. Ike realized that Alex had special powers and his greed took over. He wanted to use Alex to profit from her stealing with her powers. But when Sara learned of his intentions, she throw him out. Despite that he begged to stay, Sara felt that she could never trust him around Alex. She felt that Alex' wellbeing was more important. Out of wounded pride, Ike stole Sara's savings and left her and Alex with debts, which forced Sara to take two part-time jobs. To keep Alex from search out for Ike, Sara told her, that Ike had left them willingly. Years later, after Sara's death, Ike tried to get custody over Alex. Perhaps to follow up on the old plan to abuse her magic or because he wanted to profit from Alex being taken in by Cam's well-off adopted parents, but he was killed by Fredo. After Ike's death Sara's friend Mrs. Bass told Alex that Sara threw Ike out. Karsh then told her why.