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Aron DuBaer is the birth father of Alex, Camryn. He was also the faithful and loyal husband of Miranda DuBaer, prior to his supposed death. Aron is also a very powerful warlock. He was the younger brother of Thantos.


In the Films[]

Aron fell in love with Miranda, the Queen of Coventry, and they were married, making him the King. However, his brother, Thanatos killed him disguised as "The Darkness," though he managed to save his daughters by passing his magic onto them. But as revealed in Twitches Too that he has not actually died, he was hiding in the shadows, and is sending signs to his daughters that he is still alive. At the eclipse, Alex attempts to bring him back, but brings back Thantos instead. However, Alex, Camryn and Miranda manage to revive him, and he defeats Thantos once and for all.

At Karsh and Ilene's wedding Aron and Miranda spent their time together catching up. They're joined by their daughters in the end.


  • In Twitches first film he is portrayed by David Ingram but in Twitches 2 he is portrayed by Kevin Jubinville.